Hortimol MXHLed 8

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MXHLed Full spectrum 8 bars frame

Available in FSS and FSM, 480 W


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The New Reference for Horticulture

The Hortimol MXHLed 4 Full Spectrum fixture is a low consumption fixture specially developed to light small to medium surfaces for better yields. In addition to its state-of-the-art performance, its modular design allows you to adapt it to the different needs of plants, making it a benchmark luminaire in the world of horticulture.

  • Multi-led design using passive cooling providing an even lighting distribution
  • High modularity due to the swappable bars.
  • Footprint from 120x120 to 150x150cm*

Full Spectrum Mixed :FSM

Rich and balanced

This spectrum has been specially developed to imitate the light offered by the sun. With a most natural energy distribution, this full spectrum variant contains high levels of red 660 and blue 450. As a result, your plants will thank you and start to grow and grow, as if they were constantly under a blazing sun, but without excess heat.

With its unparalleled energy balance, this spectrum is able not only to saturate chlorophylls A and B for photosynthesis, but also to stimulate at the highest levels the secondary photosensitive metabolic pathways which can play an important role during reproduction. It is therefore easier than ever to keep genetics stable from generation to generation under artificial light.

A natural light, naturally

Another advantage, but not least, is the natural rendering of colors that this light offers you. Indeed, we have managed to push the energy levels to the highest in all frequency ranges of the spectrum, which offers a heat of 3200 ° K and a CRI 85 which will allow you to carry out your diagnoses without having to resort to corrective glasses or fill-in light. Your plants will have the color they would have if they were observed under the sun in the middle of its descending phase, so what could be more suitable?



Flower Special Spectrum

What it needs where it's needed

This spectrum has been specially developed to be as efficient as possible during flowering periods, it is also suitable for tropical plants. Its two peaks in the red at 630 and 660 provide flowers with all the energy they need to develop quickly and flourish. The other components of the spectrum are left in the background in order to minimize consumption while illuminating the plants from all fronts. Thus the blue content 450 is barely higher than the proportion of deep infrared 730. It is in the same spirit that the Full Spectrum sway was done, just what is needed where it is needed. to save power and concentrate it preferentially around red and infrared.

As a result your plants are blooming like never before, and you will be delighted.

Flowers, but not only

If this spectrum turns out to be the king of flowering, however, we have made sure that its energy balance also allows its use for short growths. So you will find the same type of growth as under your old HPS DualSpectrum lamps, which is an advantage when you spend little time in the vegetative phase since it becomes optional to change the lighting for this short period.



Spectrum FSM (Full Spectrum Mixed) FSS (Flower Special Spectrum)
Efficacy 2.5 µmol/j 2.7 µmol/j
PPF 1200µmol/s 1296µmol/s
Input voltage 220-230V, 50-60Hz
Input current 2.4A
Input power 480W
Footprint 120x120 to 150x150cm*
Light source OSRAM LED, Sunribio IR, LM-80
Thermal management Passive
Dimmable 0-10V
Dimensions 1193x1193x115mm
Weight 12.9 kg
Ingress Protection IP65
Certification ETL, DLC, UL8800, CE

* The surfaces are given as an indication for an installation with entirely artificial lighting. The height of the lamp and the light needs of the plants must be taken into account to determine the really usable surface. This can be lower or higher depending on the type of installation and use

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Hortimol MXHLed 8

MXHLed Full spectrum 8 bars frame

Available in FSS and FSM, 480 W


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