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The Supplemental bars adjustable spectrum

The Hortimol LE90A model consists of 2 additional UV B and Far Red LED bars. It has been specially developed to provide additional UV and far-red light to extend the light spectrum provided by other light sources like Hortimol MG6 480w & MG8 660w. The unique design of the bars provides bilateral luminescence with a wide beam angle that allows even distribution on each plant. Designed to be mounted on MG6 and MG8 fittings, the adjustable mounting accessories allow it to be adapted to a large number of LED models on the market.

  • Adjustable mounting accessories for compatibility with other brands such as Fluence, Gavita, Lumatek, etc.
  • Bilateral luminescence with a wide beam angle
  • Switch for separate activation of UV or Far Red spectra
  • Bars can be easily replaced


UV 385nm + FR 730nm

The best possible combination

Ultraviolet light is very beneficial for plant growth and in the potential reduction of disease. For plants, the UV growth spectrum in combination with the IR spectrum gives responses that are very similar to blue light and significantly stimulates photosynthesis.

By inducing healthy stress in plants, UV/FR bars can encourage them to produce their own natural 'sunscreens' (protective compounds). For example, plants develop more trichomes, terpenes, new metabolites and even color variations.

Healthy plant naturally protects itself from parasites

The latest scientific research has shown that plants have specific photoreceptors for UV radiation. Regulated exposure at the right intensity and for the right period also results in healthier, more resistant plants. There is an increase in the thickness of the leaves and cell walls, making plants less sensitive to insects and moulds thanks to the presence of this thicker natural shield. The use of UV light therefore makes it possible to reduce the use of phytosanitary products such as insecticides and fungicides.

UV+IR : A new era is starting

We don't yet know why plants react to the presence of UV andAs decades of practical experience in greenhouse and indoor cultivation have shown, it is entirely possible to grow plants successfully without UV B and Far Red components in the spectrum. However, by re-supplying these wavelengths where they are not naturally available, growers can not only mitigate the risks, but also and above all increase the taste, smell and even the potency of the product grown. In short, increase overall quality!

QB spectrum.jpg

Spectrum UV 385nm + FR 730nm
Distribution UV 50W + FR 40W
Input voltage 220-230V, 50-60Hz
Input current 0,41A @ 230V
Input power 90W
Footprint 100x100cm, 120x120cm
Light Source OSRAM LED
Thermal management Passive
Fixture size 944x54x27.4mm
Weight 2,6 kg
Degree of protection IP65
Certification ETL, UL8800, CE

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Hortimol LE90A10

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