Hortimol HPLed GX330

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HPLed Full spectrum

Available in 330W and 660W, FSS and FSG



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The Greenhouse dedicated light

The Hortimol HPLED Full spectrum FSS frame is a low-consumption frame whose spectrum and dimensions have been specially designed for greenhouse use to complement sunlight. They can also be used indoors for surfaces ranging from 120x60 (pro) to 150x80 (eco).

  • Fanless design
  • Low-profile design for use in greenhouse
  • Fit one 120x60cm
  • Can be daisy-chained

Full Spectrum Growing

A piercing white for a piercing growth

This spectrum has been specially developed to provide the fastest growth while allowing optimal flowering. Its spectral content is strongly oriented towards blue 450, although it also contains red 660 but in lesser quantity. In response your plants take root with great efficiency, and begin to form sturdy and closely inter-knot stems. In other words, they grow efficiently.

The FS component of the spectrum is calculated to provide enough energy without representing a significant fraction of the total consumption of the luminaire. Thus the vast majority of the power invested in light is directly assimilated by the plant to allow it to carry out photosynthesis.

A cool light, and cold too

The advantage of LED luminaires is the possibility of distributing the light power over a source with a larger surface area, which allows the horticulturalist to bring his plants closer to it without fear of burning by heat, and also to have a much more homogeneous PPFD distribution.

Here the high blue content gives the light a relatively cool color of 4000 ° K, which may be like an MH lamp, while giving off significantly less heat. However, unlike MH lights, we've added just the right amount of red to allow flowering plants to complete their lifecycle.



Flower Special Spectrum

What it needs where it's needed

This spectrum has been specially developed to be as efficient as possible during flowering periods, it is also suitable for tropical plants. Its two peaks in the red at 630 and 660 provide flowers with all the energy they need to develop quickly and flourish. The other components of the spectrum are left in the background in order to minimize consumption while illuminating the plants from all fronts. Thus the blue content 450 is barely higher than the proportion of deep infrared 730. It is in the same spirit that the Full Spectrum sway was done, just what is needed where it is needed. to save power and concentrate it preferentially around red and infrared.

As a result your plants are blooming like never before, and you will be delighted.

Flowers, but not only

If this spectrum turns out to be the king of flowering, however, we have made sure that its energy balance also allows its use for short growths. So you will find the same type of growth as under your old HPS DualSpectrum lamps, which is an advantage when you spend little time in the vegetative phase since it becomes optional to change the lighting for this short period.



Spectrum FSG (Full Spectrum Growing) FSS (Flower Special Spectrum)
Efficacy 2.6 µmol/j 2.7 µmol/j
PPF 858 µmol/s 891 µmol/s
Input voltage 220-230V, 50-60Hz
Input current 2.3A
Input power 330W
Footprint 120x60cm (pro) to 150x80cm (eco)*
Light source OSRAM LED, Sunribio IR, LM-80
L70 Rating >78000 h
L90 Rating >54000 h
Thermal management Passive
Dimmable 0-10V
Dimensions 1000x129x199.5mm
Weight 8.3 kg
Ingress Protection IP65
Certification ETL, DLC, UL8800, CE

* The surfaces are given as an indication for an installation with entirely artificial lighting. The height of the lamp and the light needs of the plants must be taken into account to determine the really usable surface. This can be lower or higher depending on the type of installation and use


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Hortimol HPLed GX330

HPLed Full spectrum

Available in 330W and 660W, FSS and FSG


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